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Adventures in Archaeology!

Archaeology is the study of ancient peoples and cultures. Archaeologists excavate artifacts that can tell us so much about how people lived long ago! Learn more about archaeology as a science and about the Gault Site, a Paleoindian campsite right here in Bell County that dates to almost 20,000 years ago!

Texas Pioneers!

Empresario Sterling Robertson established Robertson's Colony in 1834. In 1850, Bell County was created from that same colony. Over the years, the cities in the new county began to grow and take shape creating the county we all live in today. Learn about these first settlers in Bell County and how they lived.

Rounding Up the Chisholm Trail!

From 1867-1884, 5 million cattle traveled from southern Texas to Abilene, Kansas, along the Chisholm Trail. The trail passed right through Belton!

World War I

The First World War was declared after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914. It was the first war to use trenches, tanks, airplanes, and dangerous gases thus changing warfare forever.

Hard Times: The Great Depression & Dust Bowl

After the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, millions of Americans lost their jobs, their savings accounts, and their homes. This led to the largest economic recession in American history called the Great Depression. Learn more about the depression and the dust bowl in this week's video.

World War II

When Adolf Hitler took power in 1934, many Germans hoped it would make their lives better and bring an end to the consequences of World War I and the Great Depression. However, it also led to one of the worst wars in world history. Learn more about the European front of World War II in this week's video.
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