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Donate to Collection

The Bell County Museum welcomes donations of artifacts from the public. The museum accepts objects, photographs, archival materials, and more. Donated items are presented at quarterly Museum Collections Committee meetings where the following factors are considered:

  • Is the object relevant to Bell County and/or Central Texas history?
  • What is the provenance of the object? (I.e., Who made it? Who used it? When and where was it used?)
  • Does the museum have storage space to properly care for the object?
  • Does the potential donor have the rights to give away the object?

Items may also be accepted into the museum’s educational collection. Objects in the educational collection may be used as hands-on educational tools. Educational objects are very important to the museum, and help visitors experience history first hand.

Would you like to donate an artifact to the museum? If so, please contact Mikaela Young, the museum Curator, at 254.933.5243 or mikaela.young@bellcounty.texas.gov.

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