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At Home Learning


Have kids practice phonics and letter recognition with this Thanksgiving-themed activity! Match the slices of pie to the correct letters.


Elections of representatives are an important part of citizenship. For this reason, it is important for kids to learn the voting process. Using the templates provided, host your own farm-themed election to vote for either the farmer or the duck to take care of the farm and its animals. Practice reading comprehension and math skills as well!

The activity is based on the book "Duck for President" that can be found at most libraries. A read aloud video of the book is also provided above.


Try out a full meal from the 1930s including bean soup, cornbread, and apple pie pudding. The recipes are available below. What is the same or different from what you usually eat for dinner? Do you like it better or worse?


Since the early days of Texas, land grants were given by the Spanish and Mexican governments to encourage new settlers to make their home in the area. Land grants were measured, or surveyed, using a variety of measurement systems; some more accurate than others. One of the most common forms of measurement was the vara chain, which equaled approximately 3ft. Once the land was surveyed, an empresario was assigned to grant the land to families who settled in the area and helped build Texas as we know it today. Make your own creative form of measurement using things at home. Then, survey the land around your home, your neighbor's home, and a nearby park. How large is your land grant compared to others?


Native American tribes across the country would weave beautiful baskets, blankets, and rugs for use in their tepee and holding food. Practice your weaving skills! Connect three straws together at one end with tape. Then, tie a piece of yarn at the taped end of a straw. Begin weaving yarn over then under through the straws attaching new pieces of yarn as you go to make beautiful color patterns. When you're done, you can remove the yarn from the straws, tie a knot in the end and wear it as a bracelet!


Discuss with your kids what plants need to grow and explain the process of photosynthesis. Go outside and pick the largest leaf you can find off a tree or plant. Then, fully submerge it in a glass bowl of water. In a couple of hours, you will be able to see bubbles forming on the leaf. This is part of the process of photosynthesis in which plants use water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to grow and release oxygen! While you wait, complete the worksheets below.

After the experiment, gather some leaves and paint. Paint the leaf and imprint it on paper to see the veins of the leaf that carry carbon dioxide and water through the process of photosynthesis.


During WWII, news was reported quickly via radio broadcasts including President Roosevelt's fireside chats. Report on important battles of WWII in an engaging and informative way using the information sheets provided. Your goal is to make those families listening feel as if they are part of the action to stir support for the war effort, such as rationing and supply drives across the country!


Count on turkey feathers together this Thanksgiving. Match the feathers to the correct number on the turkey.


Write about what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving and holiday season!
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