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At Home Learning


Practice your addition skills! Write down a simple addition problem. Then, using two different colors, make and connect a paper chain showing your addition problem and solution!


Practice measurement, shapes, fractions, and geometry with these delicious blocks! Make sugar cookies and cut them into geometric shapes: triangles, squares, trapezoids, rhombus, and hexagons. Frost them in different colors and then make beautiful geometric art with them!

A cookie recipe is available below.


Chromatography is a method of separating mixtures by using a moving solvent like water on filter paper. The solvent flows through the pores of the paper carrying the substances away. Some substances will move faster than others.

Explore the science of chromatography and make beautiful butterflies to celebrate Spring! You will need a coffee filter, markers, scissors, and a spray bottle of water. First, decorate the coffee filter with markers – the more color the better! Then, spray it with water and watch the marker ink flow through the filter – CHROMATOGRAPHY. Once it has dried, you can use the template below to cut out the butterfly wings and body.


Explore soundwaves together! Using a string or a jump rope, move it in big and small waves creating different patterns. This is the same way sound moves through the air! Big, slow waves make low noises and small, fast waves make high noises.

Next, get a plastic cup and poke a hole in the bottom. Put a string through the hole and tie a knot in it. Using a piece of wet paper towel, pull down on the string. The wet paper towel is creating vibrations due to friction. Those waves move up the string into the cup and becomes sound as the waves move across air. The cup then begins to quack like a duck!


During WWII, news was reported quickly via radio broadcasts including President Roosevelt's fireside chats. Report on important battles of WWII in an engaging and informative way using the information sheets provided. Your goal is to make those families listening feel as if they are part of the action to stir support for the war effort, such as rationing and supply drives across the country!


Toys on the Texas frontier were often made of scrap materials, including fabric, old handkerchiefs, wood, metal, and clay. Make your own handkerchief doll following the instructions provided below!


Since the early days of Texas, land grants were given by the Spanish and Mexican governments to encourage new settlers to make their home in the area. Land grants were measured, or surveyed, using a variety of measurement systems; some more accurate than others. One of the most common forms of measurement was the vara chain, which equaled approximately 3ft. Once the land was surveyed, an empresario was assigned to grant the land to families who settled in the area and helped build Texas as we know it today. Make your own creative form of measurement using things at home. Then, survey the land around your home, your neighbor's home, and a nearby park. How large is your land grant compared to others?


Make a beautiful heart sculpture to show Mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day!

Using the template below, cut strips of different sizes in pink, white, red, and purple paper. Then, fold the stirps in half and make a variety of hearts to be combined into beautiful art. Make it as tall as you can and so it can stand on its own. Be creative!


Native American tribes across the country would weave beautiful baskets, blankets, and rugs for use in their tepee and holding food. Practice your weaving skills! Connect three straws together at one end with tape. Then, tie a piece of yarn at the taped end of a straw. Begin weaving yarn over then under through the straws attaching new pieces of yarn as you go to make beautiful color patterns. When you're done, you can remove the yarn from the straws, tie a knot in the end and wear it as a bracelet!
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