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Specialty Presentations:

Museum staff and volunteers are available to visit your classroom for special programs at no charge!


Invite a museum representative to your school or club meeting to host a presentation about current exhibits at the museum. Background information on the exhibit as well as an in-depth discussion can be presented, in addition to relevant crafts and games! For more information, please contact our Education Coordinator, Kayte Ricketts at (254) 933-5741.

Curator Camp

Your students can be junior curators! A representative from the museum will visit your classroom to help students make an exhibit of their own. The student exhibit will be based on a specific theme. Students are asked to bring an item related to the theme for the collaborative exhibit. Exhibit curation includes: creating labels, working together to create an exhibit space, and creating interactive games for the exhibit. Once completed, information on museum careers will be made available. This program can be extended to allow other classes to visit the exhibit and learn about what your students made and did. The program is completely free for your classroom. Please contact our Education Coordinator, Kayte Ricketts at (254) 933-5741 for more information and to schedule Curator Camp in your classroom!

Pioneer Life

Invite museum staff to your class and we’ll relive Pioneer days! With some assistance, your students can churn butter and participate in other pioneer-specific activities in the classroom.

Chisholm Trail

Travel the Chisholm trail on a simulated cattle drive. This outreach program is a delight for 4th graders!

Career Day

Can’t decide what to be when you grow up? We bring fun objects into the classroom and discuss the wide range of jobs in a museum.

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