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Friends of the Bell County Museum

Become a Friend of the Museum today!

Friends of the Museum support educational programs, exhibits, and community outreach! Your support allows us to continue to educate the public and preserve Bell County history, culture, and heritage!

Visit the museum office, or call (254) 933-5243, for a membership form!

  • $10 - Student
  • $25 - Friend
  • $50 - Family
  • $100 - Patron (receive NARM benefits)
  • $250 - Partner (receive NARM benefits)
  • $500 - Benefactor (receive NARM benefits)
  • $1,000+ Associate (receive NARM benefits)
Benefits Include:
  • NARM Membership! New in 2017, Friends of the Bell County Museum receive North American Reciprocal Museum benefits, giving you free access to over 900 museums across the continent!*
  • 10% Gift Shop Discount
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter, Museum Musings
  • Friends exclusive gallery and exhibit openings
*NARM benefits applicable for members at $100/yr. and above, per NARM guidelines.

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